Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's go to the beach!

Hi friends! Daniel here writing from Spain. May I make you a refreshing proposal, like bringing a little bit of sea breeze to sunny Vegas? Ok, let's do it! ...Getting our inspiration from an endless source of beauty and natural creativity -radiolarians. Well, a mega-sized kind of radiolarians, since the original ones are quite microscopic... I hope you will like these bangles. During the time we spend together, we'll have the chance to create our own from scratch, using materials that won't be there anymore, trapping hollow air in the process, then letting it go... so much fun! Our workshop will focus on one specific model -the thorn, first on the left in the picture, which is a perfect demo of the techniques involved, but we will actually cover several models, so if you feel like making a different one, that will be just perfect! Whatever the choice, we'll tackle them all -all techniques, tricks, possibilities, challenges- in full detail. Best of all, from the first minute you will find that the overall thing is just suuuuuper-easy, suuuuuper-fun! Creativity is queen here.
We'll need these materials:
- Drinking straws (several diameters, from very small to quite big, would be perfect!).
- Several big, round cookie cutters: the smallest of these, at least big enough for your hand to fit in and comfortably pass through. The others, 1/2 inch approx. bigger than the small one in diameter (just one teasing hint: these won't touch the clay!).
- Blade (Kato NuBlade is by far the best in the market).
- Xacto knife.
- Needle tool.
- Pasta machine (no... really? I can't believe you).
- Carving tools (the ones by Kato are amaaaazing, love them all!).
- Sandpaper: coarse + medium + fine (we'll always wear a mask for these).
There are some other surprise materials, but I will take them for you. Just to keep the thrill... wait and see... LOL!
Can't wait to see you all!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Perhaps, not surprising, but it's news!

Just taught this for the first time in Dallas and I love them and I love the process so you'll learn how to make the new Squash Blossom pendant, instead of the ring. Confused? Welcome to my brain. My goal is always to try to give you something new and fresh and fun so this better meets that criteria. Now, if anyone really, really wanted to learn the ring, let me know.

materials for the squash blossom pendant:

small ball, ball stylus
needle tool
hand drill (if you have one with a 1mm bit, bring it, otherwise I will provide)
fine grit sanding block (optional) - if you have a local Harbor Freight, buy it there - much cheaper!
400 grit wet dry sandpaper (optional)
short brass tube or another small diameter rolling tool
sheet of deli paper
burnt umber oil paint, toothbrush and rubber or latex gloves (once again, if you have it, bring it, otherwise I will provide)