Saturday, May 28, 2011

Le Carnival Box

2011 Clay Carnival Las Vegas
"Le Carnival Box"
The words Circus or carnival automatically bring up thoughts of wonder and unexpected delights. We all have different images in our mind of what those things are. In this class we will explore ,design and create a unique "jack in the box-ish" piece of art. I am so excited about this class and I can't wait to see what this especially creative group is inspired to make.

SUPPLIES (clay is already included)
Kit fee of $3.00
(Kit includes the box, a spring , filigree finding, fabric, beads, vintage paper, antiquing paint, needle tool) The fee could be lower than the estimated $3.00, I am still shopping for the boxes and it could be less if I can find them cheaper before November. The fee is not due until the begining of each class.

Please Feel free to email me any questions .
I am looking forward to seeing each of you in Vegas in November.

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