Sunday, September 11, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Perhaps, not surprising, but it's news!

Just taught this for the first time in Dallas and I love them and I love the process so you'll learn how to make the new Squash Blossom pendant, instead of the ring. Confused? Welcome to my brain. My goal is always to try to give you something new and fresh and fun so this better meets that criteria. Now, if anyone really, really wanted to learn the ring, let me know.

materials for the squash blossom pendant:

small ball, ball stylus
needle tool
hand drill (if you have one with a 1mm bit, bring it, otherwise I will provide)
fine grit sanding block (optional) - if you have a local Harbor Freight, buy it there - much cheaper!
400 grit wet dry sandpaper (optional)
short brass tube or another small diameter rolling tool
sheet of deli paper
burnt umber oil paint, toothbrush and rubber or latex gloves (once again, if you have it, bring it, otherwise I will provide)



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  1. Dear Donna Kato, first I am sending you greetings from Istanbul.
    I lost your blog and web addresses, and despite all my research I can not find. I'm so glad I happened upon here for you.
    4-5 years ago I met on the internet with polymer clay. Many took advantage of your tutorials. So, you don't know me, but you are my teacher:)
    I want to find your web address and watch again. And maybe you want to see what your faraway student is doing :)
    Best regards

    Nihal Erpeden

    PS. Sorry for my poor english